A Dream Come True: Wearable Dialysis device

A Dream Come True Wearable Dialysis device

Patients undergoing dialysis face mobility and logistic challenges due to limited progress in dialysis technological advancement. Dialysate regeneration through use of sorbent technology led to the development of Automated Wearable Artificial Kidney Peritoneal Dialysis (AWAK PD) device.

A world-first, the AWAK PD device disrupts the mode of delivery in which peritoneal dialysis is currently administered. The device allows dialysis to be performed “on-the-go”, overcoming the challenge of long hours of therapy and connection to large-size dialysis machines, currently faced by renal patients.

Especially in the USA, support is given for artificial kidney and portable dialysis devices to be treated.

The FDA called a portable dialysis device a “breakthrough device” that was shown to be effective and safe in early clinical trials, and it accelerated the process of entering treatment.

With the introduction of the dialysis device that millions of dialysis patients can carry at home or outside in a small waist bag, it is aimed that patients can provide dialysis with maximum convenience and comfort while on the move, and reduce the time and cost burdens for patients and healthcare systems.