"There is much to be said about future of health. We are supporting these kind of organizations” "

Dr. Şuayip Birinci

"It is very nice to be reach and come together thousands of colleagues through Future ” "

Prof. Dr. Sinan Canan

"I believe that the greatest advancement that technology has made for humanity will be in the field of medicine.” "

Dt. Kübel Özkut

"Science and technology are integral components of health"

Coach Ergin Ataman

"There are very informative topics and speakers from all fields. It is a very useful event"

Prof. Dr. Hakkı Karakaş

"Our Daily habits are changing so frequently and technology is driving this. It is very important for us to talk about them together in the perspective of health"

Prof. Dr. Devrim Gözüaçık

"Future Healthcare is a precious organization in which all components of health come together and subjects are discussed scientifically"

Yelda Ulu Colin

"It is very well thought out that different disciplines and expertise come together to subservicing a single purpose"

Prof. Dr. Murat Aksoy

"Future Healthcare is the one best organizations both in Turkey and global"

Doç. Dr. Leyla Türker Şener

Future Healthcare 2024

Turkey's largest health and health technologies conference with wide participation.

Future Healthcare Istanbul International Conference is preparing to host thousands of participants from different companies and experts for 2 days.

Healthcare system policy makers, the most influential and leading scientists, academics, clinical healthcare professionals with leading roles in the sector, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, speakers with c-level positions in the healthcare industry, healthcare startup business, The Future Healthcare Istanbul International Conference Hospital officials, keynote speakers and leading names in social media, healthcare professionals will attend. Additionally, the conference provides the opportunity to network with hundreds of final-year medical students.

Sponsored brands will take their place in various sectoral channels, digital platforms and social media. Future Healthcare Istanbul Conference is an excellent and successful platform to share futuristic findings and networks with valuable speakers from all over the world.

The Future Healthcare İstanbul International Conference


Speakers will be announced!

The Future Healthcare İstanbul International Conference


Sponsors will be announced

The Future Healthcare İstanbul International Conference

Advisory Committee

Advisory committee will be announced!