Can We Rewind Skin Age by 30 Years?


Babraham Institute researchers have developed a new technique to rejuvenate skin cells. This technique allowed researchers to roll back the cellular biological clock by about 30 years, significantly longer than previous reprogramming methods.

In the study, published in the journal eLife; A method was used to temporarily reprogram the first maturation stage, where factors such as age-related patches were adapted.

The study results showed that the new method could 'time-lapse' human skin cells for 30 years and restore the ageing clock without losing their special function. New epigenetic method; In addition to reviving molecular measurements of biological age, it partially restored its function to older cells.

Researchers say the new discovery could revolutionize regenerative medicine.

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Study Details: Gill D, et al. Multi-omic rejuvenation of human cells by maturation phase transient reprogramming. eLife, 2022; 11