'Gold Standard' for Heart Valves

Yeni Nesil Kalp Kapakçığı

Despite over 40 years of research, the goal of creating mechanical heart valves that work consistently and precisely inside the human body continues.

University of British Columbia scientists have developed a valve design that could serve as the basis for a new generation of bi-leaf mechanical heart valves.

The study published in the Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology says that the new apex heart valve design can eliminate the problem of continuous blood flow, which is a significant risk for patients, especially thanks to the valve curvature that reduces coagulation.

The study results could take the current 'gold standard' for heart valves to a new level of reliability and form the basis for the next generation of biplane mechanical heart valves.

Scientists are currently in the process of developing 3D-printed, carbon and aluminum prototypes of the valve for further testing.

Reference: Mohammadi H, et al. The Apex bileaflet mechanical heart valveJournal of Medical Engineering & Technology, 2021; 1 http://doi.org/10.1080/03091902.2020.1853835