Intense Light Protects Against Lung Damage!


The mortality rate of acute lung damage is 40%. The lack of a specific treatment underscores the need for new treatment options. Researchers from the University of Colorado say they have made a discovery that could have significant therapeutic implications for the treatment of diseases such as acute lung damage in humans.

According to the study, published in Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology, intense light activates proteins that have been shown to protect against lung damage in mice.

The study also showed that intense light therapy reduces inflammation of the lungs in lung infections or improves the function of the alveolar barrier (blood-air barrier). The researchers saw the same reaction when using flavonoid nobiletin, which is found in orange peel and also increases per2 amplitude.

The study findings suggest that lung-blocking mechanisms that occur with intense light may lead to new treatments in the future, even after the onset of acute lung damage.

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Study Details:  Muse ED, et al. Impact of polygenic risk communication: an observational mobile application-based coronary artery disease study. npj Digital Medicine, 2022; 5 (1)