Smartphone App that Can Calculate Genetic Risk for CAD!


Researchers from the Scripps Research Institute have developed a smartphone app where users can calculate their genetic risk for coronary artery disease (CAD) and found that high-risk users are looking for appropriate drugs after using the app.

In the study, published in npj Digital Medicine, the researchers detailed how their app, MyGeneRank, entered the genetic information of individuals from the 23andMe genetic testing company and gave them a CAD risk score based on DNA data.

Of the 721 participants who gave complete information, those with high risk scores were much more likely to start taking statins or other cholesterol-lowering therapies than those with low risk scores.

Researchers say the improved app can provide a better understanding of personalized risks and improve treatment compliance.

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Study Details:  Muse ED, et al. Impact of polygenic risk communication: an observational mobile application-based coronary artery disease study. npj Digital Medicine, 2022; 5 (1)