Virtual Care Goes Into a Box: H3 HealthCube


Vancouver's UniDoc is innovating in the healthcare industry with the addition of H3 Health Cube to its growing new range of telehealth solutions. This kiosk, which includes a variety of diagnostic equipment, is a complete virtual care solution that facilitates remote doctor/patient participation in various locations.

The idea is that instead of arranging a real face-to-face visit with a doctor at the hospital, users will be able to join them remotely on a real-time voice/video appointment via Cube. Depending on what needs to be checked, the doctor will either guide them in the use of diagnostic devices within H3, or on-site trained staff, such as pharmacists or clinicians, will provide assistance.

During the appointment, the patient's privacy will be protected and the UVC ultraviolet light-based sterilization system – together with easy-to-clean surfaces – will facilitate sanitization between uses.

UniDoc says virtual care will take it to a different stage with Health Cube, which is tested in 3 different locations in the United States.

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