Wearable Device for Comfortable Diving into Deep Sleep!


As part of the SleepLoop project, researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a mobile system that can be used at home and aims to promote deep sleep through auditory brain stimulation.

The SleepLoop system consists of a headband that is worn during sleep. This headband contains electrodes and a microchip that continuously measure the brain activity of the sleeping person. The data obtained is analyzed in real time with special software. As soon as the sleeper shows slow waves in brain activity that characterize deep sleep, the system triggers a short auditory signal.

According to the researchers, this method helps to synchronize neuronal cells and strengthen slow waves. What makes the solution unique is that the sleeper is not consciously aware of this sound during deep sleep.

The first clinical trial published in Communications Medicine; it shows that the device is effective, but not at the same level of activity for everyone.

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Study Details: Lustenberger C, et al. Auditory deep sleep stimulation in older adults at home: a randomized crossover trial. Communications Medicine, 2022; 2 (1) http://doi.org/10.1038/s43856-022-00096-6